One minute photo shoot... yes!

Finally, I got some time to finish my most awaited DIY project that is  v-flats for my home studio. I bought 4 sheets of 2"x4'x8' durofoam insulation boards from home depot and painted them black on one side and white on the other. To stick them together 6" wide gaffer tape is used, black on black side of foam  and white on white side. That was it V-Flats were ready to be in service at my home studio. Special thanks to my dearest friend Christopher Prasad to help me with his truck to bring the foam boards to my home studio.

I asked my 4 year old son, if he can help me with some test shots in my studio and the four year old said that he has only 1 minute to help me. I thought, it will be a great one minute challenge for me. I went down stairs in my studio, quickly turn on my studio lights and asked my son to come downstairs for just one minute and play model for me. Now it was my time to give him some challenge. I told him to give me few different looks in just one minute. I actually asked for, a supper happy face, a sad face, an amazed face, I don't care face and a straight look face.

All that drama in just one minute - he played well. I am not sure he completely understood the challenge or not but he won that day!


RDRDClicsk Photography